OCTOBER 8, 2016 - APRIL 8, 2017

To submit your series nominations EITHER:

  • Complete the online nomination form below
  • Click here to download a printable version of the form to be lodged with payment at the RSAYS Main Office.
CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - Casual or Series Entrant

Failure to fulfill entry requirements correctly may result in the boat being scored DNC. Please read your obligations found in the RSAYS 2016-2017 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

The onus of correct registration and series entry is with the Skipper. It is recommended that you check the Notice Board in the Sailing Office prior to the first race. In addition under Rule 56 Crew Eligibility, YA prescribes that "it shall be the responsibility of the person in charge of any boat to ensure that all crew members on board for each race comply with this prescription."

I AGREE to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the YA Prescriptions and Special regulations Class & Rating Rules forming part of the rules and all other rules that govern Squadron racing including the submission of a current Equipment Compliance Declaration Form.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that RRS Fundamental Rule 4 - Decision to Race, places the sole responsibility for a boat deciding to participate in a race or to continue racing on her and her alone.

I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT unconditionally that the RSAYS, its officers, members or any other persons whether voluntary or otherwise assisting with the conduct of racing accept or are in any way responsible directly or indirectly for any injury or loss to person or property that may be sustained by reason of participation howsoever arising.

I CERTIFY that the vessel entered has adequate Third Party Liability Insurance cover of at least $10m including cover required when racing and that the said insurance will be maintained during the period of the racing season.

By participating as a competitor I automatically grant the RSAYS and its sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and any other reproductions of him/her during the period without compensation or payment of any kind.

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Alterations/Changes since last season

Have any changes been made to your boat, rig or sails?

If "Yes" please give details:

Do you have a current AMS or OMR Certificate?

Entry into the Club AMS Series or Multihull Series is inclusive for boats that lodge a valid AMS or OMR Certificate with the SAILING OFFICE

Special Discount
To qualify for the special discount of free entry into all of the Special Races/Events you must enter:
  • Twilight Series 1 & 2 plus
  • Any two of Club Offshore Series, Inshore Pointscore Series, Club Series, Etchells Series 1, Etchells Series 2, or Women's Series.

Please Note: To qualify for the special discount, you must enter by October 1 2016.

2015-2016 Series Entry and Payment Form
by Oct 1
post Oct 1
Tick to
Kaesler Inshore Series (first race Oct 8)
Div 1 and Div 2 (13 races) or
Div 1, Div 2 and AMS (13 races)
Musto Etchells Series (first race Oct 8)
Series 1 (16 races)
Series 2 (15 races)
Regatta Series (15 Races) No charge for vessels entering Series 1 & 2 $130.00 $140.00
Musto Offshore Series (first race Oct 15)
Be aware of clashes of dates with the Club Series
RSAYS - All Boats (7 races) or
RSAYS - All Boats and AMS (7 races)
SA Champion of Offshore Racing (7 races)
No additional charge for vessels that enter the RSAYS Offshore Series
no charge
no charge
Club Series (first race Oct 15)
Be aware of clashes of dates with the Offshore Series
Racing Division (8 races)
Cruising Division (non spinnaker - 8 races) $115.00 $125.00
Club AMS Series (first race Oct 8)
Div 1 (12 races - no charge for vessels that enter the AMS Series above)
no charge
no charge
Div 2 (12 races - no charge for vessels that enter the AMS Series above)
no charge
no charge
State IRC and AMS Series (first race Oct 22)
Div 1 IRC (11 races)
Div 1 AMS (11 races)
Div 2 (10 races)
Bethany Twilight Series (first race Oct 12 - select one of the options below)
Both Series 1 and 2 (20 races) or
Series 1: only (10 races) or
Series 2: only (10 races)
by Dec 16
post Dec 16
Nautilus Marine Women's Series (first race Oct 9)
All Boats (8 races)
Friday Afternoon Sternchaser Races (first race Nov 13)
All Boats, 10 standalone races - $5.00 per race - paid on the day or
Special Races/Events (no charge if you qualify for the "Special Discount" detailed above)
Bundey Cup
TG Flint Memorial
Kaesler Wines Cup
Inkster Memorial
All Special Races/Events
+ Late Entry Fee (if entered after race 1 @ $25.00 per series)
+ SMS Messaging @ $5.00 per phone number
TOTAL Summer Series (fees are GST inclusive)
Emergency Race Management Assistance      

In the event that our regular volunteers are unable to assist on an occasion, racing boats may be required to assist with race management on water over the racing season.

This will occur on a maximum of two occasions with up to two people required.

Please indicate dates and/or events on which you would be willing to assist should the need arise:

All details are to be completed before making payment
Current RSAYS Member Number:
Copy of Third Party Liability Insurance, min $10 million:      
Equipment Compliance Declaration Form(s) attached: Cat 3 Cat 6    
Current IRC/AMS/OMR Certificate submitted:      
Race management assistance declared (see above):