Port McDonnell



General Position:

38 03.62S
140 42.69E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

All directions


Just inside the breakwater, but stay about 30 meters away from the breakwater wall itself because of silt. You can pick up a mooring inside the breakwater in about 2.5 meters of water at low tide, but further in it is too shallow. Contact the harbour master/coast guard on Tel: 87 38 2243 for more up to date information.


This useful stopover between Robe and Port Fairy can be reached in a long day's sail. The harbour has a breakwater that provides good protection but it is silting up.

-July 2005

Port McDonnell aerial photo 1
Port McDonnell aerial photo 2
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