Myponga Beach


General Position:

35 22.2 S
138 23.2 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

Winds S through SE to E
Note: anchorage subject to severe gully winds at times



Myponga Bay is a small inlet in Aldinga Bay about 3 ½ miles north of Carrickalinga Head. It is similar to Second Valley in size and general orientation. There are patches of sand in about 4m of water on the east side of the bay towards the cliffs. The west side of the bay is covered in small rocks and pebbles.


Myponga Bay is an attractive anchorage that is close to half way between Outer Harbour and American River.

- May 2005


Myponga Beach 1
Myponga Beach 2
Myponga Beach 3
Myponga Beach 4
Date Author Comments

Alan and Fay Duncan, Amarina


We normally make this a stop on the way to K.I. in the summer with the prevailing SE winds. However, be ready to up anchor and leave if the winds swing to the NE.