Island Beach

General Position:

35 48 S
137 49 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

Winds SW through S to E


Island Beach is a delightful stretch of sandy beach extending 2 ¾ miles from Strawbridge Point to Rocky Point. Anchoring is good in sandy patches anywhere along the beach in about 4 metres of water. Rocky Point is a prominent rocky point at the eastern end of the beach with an old house partly hidden


It is one of the few northerly facing beaches in SA and is becoming increasingly occupied by beach houses, particularly at the western end. Brown Beach is adjacent to a smaller point about a mile east of Rocky Point (approx 34 47S 137 51E) with a small camping ground with barbecue facilities and a shelter shed.
In winds from N to W, either retire to American River or anchor off the first gully south of Ballast Head; while in the former case (northerlies), it might be uneasy, nevertheless it will still be tenable. There is a private mooring (white buoy) in shallow water close in shore just north of the oyster beds; off this are patches of sand in 3m of water.

- May 2005

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Rocky Point 1
Brown's Beach 1
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