Christmas Cove

General Position:

35 43 S
137 56 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

SW through S to NE


Recently upgraded the cove now has 20 pontoon berths 14 of which are available for short term public hire. Lights were added to the entrance in December 2005, see the Notice to Mariners below. Water, power and pump out available.


The cove is dredged to a minimum depth of 2.1m and fitted with 20 pontoon berths and a ramp. Cost for an overnight stay is $20 payment by an honour system, fill out a form and put money in the box at the boat launching ramp. All queries now handled by the council offices, tel: 8553 4500 Maximum stay is 10 nights. In addtiion there are two public pontoons cost is $10 night.
The township of Penneshaw, a short walk up the hill, has a hotel, store and toilets.
Note: This location is also used to provide the KI terminal for the smaller passenger ferry services to the mainland.

-Jan 2009

Christmas Cove 1
Cristmas Cove Entrance
Inside Christmas Cove showing facilities
Christmas Cove Cove Pontoons 1
Christmas Cove Cove Pontoons 2
Christmas Cove Cove Pontoons 3
Christmas Cove Cove Pontoons 4
Christmas Cove Enrance and markers
Christmas Cove Inside View
Date Author Comments
Jan 09 Adam Wynn You will need a long power cable for power in you are in an outer berth as there is only one power board with mulitple outlets located at the entrance to the walkway. The same is true of the water supply. I detected a little shoaling just inside the entrance and believe now that the clearance is less than 2.1M as originaly dredged.
Dec 05 Don Howell Rhythm & Blues II visited and moored in Christmas Cove, Penneshore,KI on 29/12/05. Dredged to 2m.
The attached photo show Amarina, Rhythm&BluesII [draft 1.53m], Second Lady.
Shops are nearby,the Mobil stn. has some hardware and fishimg gear and bait.
To enter, line up the 2 red diamond nav signs.
Dec 05 Alan Duncan

In strong westerly winds the surge and breakers coming in the narrow entrance would make entry to the cove quite hazardous.

Also lights have been added to the entrance see the Notice to Mariners below.

South Australia - Kangaroo Island - Christmas Cove - Lights established Mariners are advised that the following lights have been established on the breakwaters at the entrance to Christmas Cove:

Western Breakwater in position:

Lat 35 ° 43'.099 South 137 ° 56'.057 East FlG5secs on a 2m pole 6 metres above HAT.

Eastern Breakwater in position:

Lat 35 ° 43'.085 South 137 ° 56.057 East FlR5 secs on a 2metre pole 6 metres above HAT.