Victor Harbor



General Position:

35 33.7S
138 38.1E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

From North through South to South East


There are two anchorages at Victor Harbor. the major one is North East of Granite Island and just West of the Screwpile Jetty. This spot is unusable in East to North weather as a heavy swell builds up. The holding is poor as there is only a thin layer of sand over limestone. There are several moorings which may be available; contact the Harbour Master, Tel: 0412 776 369.

The second anchorage is around the other side of Granite Island an provides some shelter from East to Northerly weather. It is known as the Davenport Anchorage and is shown in the photograph above and below. Its approximate position is:

35 33.8S
138 37.20E

The holding here is much better than the main anchorage as there is deeper sand.



An infrequently visited anchorage by SA yachts yet Victor Harbor is a major regional centre with every amenity. Fuel is available as is water. There are toilets and an excellent restaurant on Granite Island but no showers.


-May 2005

Aerial of Victor showing anchorages
Aerial of general Victor Harbor Area
Davenport Anchorage
Overlooking Anchorage 1
Overlooking Anchorage 2
Overlooking Anchorage 3
Screwpile Jetty
Date Author Comments

Capt Ian Osborne The anchorage is sand with weed and has poor holding.
There are some abandoned chains from old moorings and use of a trip line is recommended.
There are a number of current moorings, used by large (20m) fishing boats, near the Screwpile Jetty; one or more of these could be available - contact the Harbour Master