General Position:

37 09.6 S
139 45.2 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

From South West through East to North


The anchorage is just to the South East of the breakwater. There are two moorings but they are in constant use by cray boats. The holding is good on a sandy bottom. This spot is very exposed in North Westerly wearther. You can also tie up inside the channel leading to the inner harbour. The depth in the channel is 2.1m but a bar forms at the entrance which can reduce the depth to 1.5m if it has not been recently dredged. The inner harbour is not reccommended unless refuelling.The recently installed pontoons are all too shallow for most keel boats. For up to date information telephone Coastguard Robe on: 8768 2237. Or the Assistant Harbour Master Chris Slattery on 0429 799 614. New charges for staying on the pontoons are:
$210/ week
$800/week excluding GST

Great care should be exercised if approaching this anchorage at night as there are many hazards on the way in and the leading lights are very weak and often hard to see.


Robe is a very attractive town with every facility for visiting yachts. The Robe Yacht Club has recently completed its clubrooms and they can provide toilets and showers. Fuel and water are available inside the harbour, go to the council office just up from the harbour to make arrangements. The town itself has many good restaurants and pubs, a big supermarket and a lot of charm.


-June 2008

Robe Harbour and entrance 1
Robe Harbour and entrance 2
Robe town and harbour whole area
Robe Town
Robe Channel Entrance
Robe Outer Anchorage 1
Robe Outer Anchirage 2
Inner Harbour (Lake Butler)
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