Port Adelaide


General Position:

34 47.5S
138 28E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

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North Haven and the CYCSA
Outer Harbour - RSAYS
Inner Harbour - Port Dock #1 - Council pontoons
Inner Harbour - Port Adelaide Sailing Club


Port Adelaide is a busy commercial port operated by Flinders Ports. Exports: Container traffics, vehicles, grain, scrap metal, fruit, cement, livestock. Imports: container traffics, vehicles, dolomite, steel.

There are several locations to stay in the immediate vicinity:

The Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron is located in the Outer Harbour immediately to the north of the harbour control tower and first wharf (#1-4) and to the south of the container berths (#6 and 7). Visitors berths are available by arrangement. Contact the RSAYS office on 8341 8600 or VHF 16/ HF 2182. While somewhat further away, the same facilities apply as per North Haven - chandlery, restaurants, hotel and super-market.

The entrance to North Haven is located 1nm to the ESE of the main entrance to the commercial port. At night the lights marking the entrance to the breakwater can be difficult to see against the background of street and house lights. Visitors may find a berth at either the Flinders Marina to the north (contact Dave Keenan 0407 187 889) or at the Cruising Yacht Club of SA at the southern end (contact the CYCSA office on 8248 4222). The main VCG base is located just inside the entrance immediately adjacent to the ramps. There are many facilities close handy, including a chandlery, restaurants, hotel and super-market. One of SA's few pump out stations is located immediately to the north of the boat ramps in the basin immediately to starboard after passing the internal breakwater.

As of July 2005, all anchoring in the Port River south of 35.46 S has been banned to prevent the spread of noxious weed.

There is a marina in the North Arm, just south of the Torrens Island Power Station. This is operated by TransportSA and is primarily for commercial fishing craft. Whilst some private boats are accommodated, there are no facilities for casual visitors.

There are pontoon berths available in the inner harbour, located in Port Dock #1. Council permission is required to stay overnight - phone the Port Adelaide and Enfield Council on 8405 66900
There are private pontoons at Fisherman's Wharf on the south side of the river just east of the Birkenhead Bridge - these are not available for casual use.

The Port Adelaide Sailing Club is located on the northern side of the river immediately to the right through the Birkenhead Bridge. Some visitors berths may be available. Note that the bridge does not open during peak traffic periods in the morning and afternoon - contact 8449 6647, fax 8449 1401

There are a number of commercial slipways with the capacity to undertake major repairs - these include Beswicks, Port River Marine and Searles, the latter specialising in wooden boats. There are also a number of well stocked chandleries and marine trades available.

See this map of the local area for facilities available.

- May 2005

Aerial view of Royal SA Yacht Squadron
Enlarged aerial view of Squadron
Approaches to Royal SA Yacht Squadron
Aerial View Of North Haven and surrounds
Aerial View of North Haven Marina
Boat ramps and pump out station North Haven
Outer Harbour: Torrens Island
Garden Island, North Arm of Port River
Port Dock No 1 pontoons Port Adelaide
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