Boxing Bay


General Position:

35 34 S
137 36 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an
anchoring point on your GPS

Shelter From:

S-E at eastern end of bay;
SW-SE in south-westerly part of bay.


The holding varies. Towards the eastern end of the bay there are large patches of relatively deep sand, but also quite a bit of barely covered rock. At the western end much of bottom is tapeweed, difficult to get a good hold in (except with a fisherman's anchor or similar).


The photo looks SE-wards over White Point in the foreground, with Boxing Bay and Marsden Point beyond. On the right, in the middle distance, part of the Bay of Shoals can be seen.
The eastern end of the bay provides better shelter from SE to E than Emu Bay.
If wind shifts to the W-NW, move to Marsden Point anchorage.

The nearest shelter from northerlies is in Kingscote Harbour, near the Beatrice Islets or in the Bay of Shoals.

-July 2005

Oblique Aerial photo of Boxing Bay
Overhead Aerial Photo of Baxing Bay and Point Marsden
Boxing Bay 1
Boxing Bay 2
Date Author Comments
19/7/05 Barry Worrall When approaching Boxing Bay from the west take care to avoid the partially concealed reef extending northward from White Point, to approximately 35 33.66 S / 137 35.39 E.
At the eastern end, underwater rocks extend out from the headland; keeping to the west and north of 35 33.38S/137 37.24E will clear these by a safe margin.